Scathing Black Death

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The Story of Dark | Doom

Dark Doom was thrust into being as a scathing response to the weakness and falsehoods of the modern black metal scene. Mockery is heaped upon those who claim to worship darkness yet know nothing of its true nature.

A solo project by Alex Wills, Dark Doom. seeks influence from the imagery of thick ancient forests, unexplored for years, covered in fog. That which lies within has many stories and lessons to teach.

Writing has begun on a full length album for release sometime in 2018 focusing on lyrical themes of existential dread and the general meaningless of humanity in the grand scale of the universe. Themes of the beauty of nature in spite of how chaotic and vast the universe is will also be prominent.


Hymns of Darkness and Mystery

Spirit Of The Forest

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Long Forgotten Lore

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Santa Thawed

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Unfathomable Evil

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Derby, England